Saturday, March 27, 2010

Press the Restart Button.

Each year we are given a chance to press the restart button on health, after the 1st of the year's resolutions "wear off" you get a chance to start again, with a Spring Cleaning. Not just opening the windows and letting fresh air into the house or sweeping cobwebs out from the corner, what I meant was detoxifying your colon.

Toxins left in our colon can get in the way of smelling the sweet smells of honeysuckle as you walk past them climbing up your neighbors arbor. Tasting the crisp green earthiness of fresh sprouts that have pressed their little heads through the deep brown musty micro-cosmic environment.

Toxins increase our sensitivity (such as allergies) and decrease our ability to truly enjoy the most beautiful things in life. Give your body a spring detox and just wait and see all the wonderful new changes. I just reviewed an excellent example of colon health and the relationship to disease. This video isn't the most attractive presentation, but it gets the point across. You are what you eat.