Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids Health Article

Stumbled across this article on kids' health while surfing yesterday. I was very impressed as I started reading, because they started off by talking about keeping our kids safe on the Internet, which I think is really an unrealized threat. Sure, we're all aware that there are online predators and might be talking to our kids about that, but what about basic boundary skills. This article stresses it from the college and career perspective, but what about the things you wish your friends, classmates, other family members and strangers to know. I was impressed to read something about this and agree with their advise to constantly be talking to your kids about what they're doing online.

However, towards the end of the article, I found a slightly misleading and offensive statement: that the flu shot protects against the occurance of the deadly MRSA. Scaremongering and inaccurate. The flu shot protects against the flu...sometimes. MRSA infections may occur on the heals of a flu infection, so not getting the flu may be protective against MRSA, but the flu shot itself does not boost your immunity or make one immune to MRSA. It's a bit of semantics, but I think it's an important point - not just to be factual about the actual meaning of the statement, but another reminder about the importance of reading between the lines.

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