Friday, October 21, 2011

Common Cold According to Chinese Medicine

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the cold winds are a-blowin' once again and it's time to get your scarves and hats out. Classical Chinese medical theory attributes common cold/flu symptoms to what we call "external invasion" of pathogenic factors, very commonly wind and cold.

The easiest way to prevent external invasion of these pathogens is to block their path of entry - indeed, it's to bundle up. Most importantly, keeping your neck covered when out in the cold, windy weather. Keep your scarf handy and wrap your neck even when going outside briefly during these cold windy days. Dress in layers and take a jacket as well so that you don't get cold even when the sun is shining. Another assist is to end your hot showers with a brief cold rinse - this helps to close your pores as well as to return your blood from the surface of your body to the center.

If you do get sick, Yin Qiao (also the herbal ingredient in Airborne) is a common Chinese formula for cold. Chinese herbal formulas are prescribed based on the pattern of your symptoms, though, so it won't work for every cold. For an evaluation of your cold, treatment with acupuncture, cupping and moxa as needed, and custom herbal formula, make an appointment with Dr. Wendy Rogers or Dr. Bijana Devo Kadakia.

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