Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drugs in the Water Supply

This Associated Press article sites pharmaceutical contamination of drinking water. Though there are no accepted standards for testing pharmaceutical contamination or the removal of such from drinking water, reverse osmosis filtration is a possibility. Yet another good reason to purchase and maintain a great home water filtration system. As a consumer and rep for Multi-Pure, I quote their recent press release:
"Multi-Pure has led the industry in introducing new technologies to address emerging contaminants found in our nation’s water supplies... Since 1970 Multi-Pure International has been an industry leader in high performance drinking water filters for home or office. Multi-Pure was the leading developer of carbon block water filters and was the first manufacturer to gain NSF Std. 53 certification for the reduction of many contaminants such as Lead, PCBs, Arsenic V, and Toxaphene."
Who pays for research into testing for pharmaceutical contaminates in pre- and post-treated water? Who pays for research into the effects of long-term low dose exposure to these contaminants? Who provides restitution to the habitat and humans injured as a result? Certainly not the pharmaceutical industry at the heart of this problem. Who pays so that this problem remains buried for years?

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