Monday, March 31, 2008

Food Allergies

Knowledge about food allergies seems to be increasing these days. Someone told me that one of the reality shows is going a celebrity edition in which the celebrities donate their winnings to their charity of choice - and one is donating to food allergy research, because his daughter had terrible food allergies! I thought that was fantastic, not only because of the donation, but also because just by saying that on the show, it increases people's awareness that they, too, might have a food allergy.

So many people are affected by allergies, sensitivities and intolerance to foods and food groups that I'm surprised people don't accept this more readily. But I also know that food is a sacred cultural and emotional prerogative that can be extremely difficult to change. I did find something that can help, though: Living Without, a magazine for people living with food allergies. Looks like it might have interesting articles, references and recipes!

My advise for the general, healthy public is to diversify your diet. I think much of our modern problems with food stem from increasingly limited food stuffs that we eat - the most common food allergens, including wheat, corn, soy and dairy, are extremely hard to avoid because they are in almost all packaged foods. Try increasing your diet diversity by adding different fruits, vegetables, whole grains and seeds. Look up recipes online using ingredients you've always wanted to try.

Happy eating!

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